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Investing in a Driveway Excavation – First Impressions Count

If there is one thing many real estate agents agree on, it is the impact that an impressive driveway has on a potential buyer’s first impression of a house. A house with a gleaming driveway and a well-maintained front yard is already well on the way to attracting a good price at the time of sale.

Environmental Factors that Influence Deterioration of Driveways

All driveways will at some point require excavation and re concreting or paving. This is inevitable due to a number of reasons. One of these is the Australian climate. The long, dry summers we experience, coupled with a lack of rain throughout our winters during times of drought, cause the soil density to change over time. Add to this the weight of the average car being driven in and out of a driveway twice a day or more and you will start seeing cracks in concrete as the underlying surface shifts over time.

Machinery Required for Driveway Excavation

If you have come to the point where your concrete driveway is riddled with cracks and uneven surfaces a driveway excavation is the way to go. Concrete is a tough material to work with and requires machinery to remove it. On a smaller scale you can hire an electric jack hammer and strategically attack one square metre at a time. This can be both time consuming and exhausting due to the rapid movement of the hammer, as well as the incessant noise these contraptions emit. Even with a good pair of gloves and a quality set of ear muffs, this is not something you want to be doing for two days straight. Neither is it something you want to start at 8am on a Sunday if you value the good relationship you have with your neighbours.

If your concrete is particularly thick, or you are not physically able to use a jack hammer, another option could be to hire a small excavator with a hydraulic hammer attachment that will do the hard work for you. Yes, the noise level will be the same, if not worse due to the sound of the excavator, but you will be able to carry out the work from the comfort of the operator’s seat. Bear in mind you may need a licence to operate it, but your equipment hire company should let you know if this is the case.

Removing Rubble during Driveway Excavation Project

Once your concrete driveway is broken up into manageable chunks, its time to start stage two: clearing the rubble. Again, depending on budget, physical abilities and the number of people available, it may simply be a case of getting an able-bodied team in with a bunch of wheelbarrows to manually clear the rubble. However, to save your back from all the lifting, you can also get in a skid loader, or a skid steer.

A skid steer, commonly referred to by one of the brand names that produce them, Bobcat, is uniquely qualified to assist in driveway excavation. It is manoeuvrable, small enough to access narrow driveways, and when fitted with a 4 in 1 bucket, is probably one of the most versatile small machines in its class, well suited to driveway excavation.

There are also many reasons some people would choose not to engage in this kind of work themselves and hire a contractor to do the entire job. Mr Dig has extensive experience in driveway excavation.