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Pool Excavation

A tranquil swimming pool finished after excavation and construction.

Pool excavation is the process of digging and preparing the ground for the installation of a swimming pool. It involves removing soil and creating a hole of specific dimensions to ensure proper support and alignment for the pool shell. Heavy machinery like excavators are typically used and precision is key to meet the specifications of the pool design.

Best Excavator Brands in Australia

A man in a hi-vis vest and hard hat looks into the distance considering what the best excavation brands in Australia are.

Choosing the right excavator brand is a crucial step in any construction or earthmoving project. The efficiency and durability of the excavator directly impact the success of the undertaking, given their diverse applications in construction, mining, landscaping and more, making them indispensable tools in the modern industrial landscape.

Before You Dig Australia

A Before You Dig Australia excavator digging dry ground on a sunny day.

All state and national DBYD entities have now been grouped into one national organisation called Before You Dig Australia (BYDA). This exciting change has been made with the end-goal aiming to offer higher levels of efficiency, with additional support being made available to members, users and the community.


A landscape image of Goulburn, NSW, on a sunny day. Is Goulburn worth visiting?

Australia is a vast land filled with incredible destinations, and nestled within it is the often-overlooked gem of Goulburn. Goulburn is a city in New South Wales, with a rich history, culture and natural beauty, making it a must-visit place.

How to Check Hydraulic Oil Level on an Excavator


Checking the hydraulic oil on an excavator is fairly straightforward, even for a beginner and the steps involved include ensuring the machine is cold and parked on a firm, level surface. Additionally, the boom and bucket must be positioned in accordance with manufacturer instructions to ensure an accurate reading. From there it is generally a matter of locating the hydraulic oil tank and ensuring the oil level is between the minimum and maximum marks on the oil sight glass.

Excavators – The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Aside from the initial purchase price of an excavator, a considerable amount of money is required for the up keep of all heavy plant equipment, whether it be a skid steer, excavator or dump truck. A heavy plant dealership or independent workshop will obviously bill out all the labour spent on a particular service or repair, as well charge the customer for the parts and fluids used such as hydraulic oil and filters, grease, engine oil and other elements that may need replacing.

Investing in a Driveway Excavation – First Impressions Count

If there is one thing many real estate agents agree on, it is the impact that an impressive driveway has on a potential buyer’s first impression of a house. A house with a gleaming driveway and a well-maintained front yard is already well on the way to attracting a good price at the time of sale.