Mr Dig | Excavator & Tipper Hire


Excavation and Tipper Specialist

Mr Dig is a small excavation company based around Goulburn that has found its niche as expert residential excavation contractors, where attention to detail is of the essence. We provide customised excavation solutions for a variety of purposes including landscaping, swimming pools, foundations, backfill and dam construction and much more. Mr Dig is fully equipped with the necessary earthmoving and excavation vehicles and equipment to enable us to carry out our work professionally from start to finish.

Family Owned Excavation Business

Hiring a small excavating business as opposed to a huge excavation company with multiple subcontractors has many benefits. Not least, you can be confident that the person you speak with on the phone is very likely to be the person who will be carrying out the work, unlike some excavation companies who have a centralised communication system and send out contractors to complete the project.

Steinar is a fully licensed builder, with over 30 years’ experience working on construction and excavation projects.